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Water Meter Reader

Average Salary: $35,694

Every home, office building, municipal building, and industrial plant has a water meter.

This meter measures how much water is used in that location. Most water agencies send an employee – a meter reader – to each location to read the meter. The meter reader records the information so the agency can bill the customer correctly. Today, many water meters are being replaced by computerized meters. These new meters can be read with a special receiving device from a car. Instead of walking from house to house, meter readers can drive through neighborhoods to record the meter readings. In the near future, water meters may have telecommunications equipment.

If so, they can send the meter reading to a central site which processes it for billing. The job description:

  • Reads residential, commercial and industrial water meters
  • Checks meters to determine if maintenance is required
  • May occasionally collect delinquent or final bills for discontinued service
  • May check for leaks on customer's premises
  • Keeps accurate and legible records

Educational Requirements: High School Diploma
Certificates, licenses: No
Entry-level opportunities: Yes
Desirable traits and skills:

  • Good vision
  • Map-reading skills and route instruction interpretation
  • Likes outdoor work and walking great distances (sometimes in inclement weather)
  • Ability to handle physically demanding work
  • Courtesy and tact in dealing with the public

Where Jobs Are Available

  • In smaller utilities, meter readers may also work as distribution system operators.
  • Larger utilities have opportunities for meter readers to advance to various positions as well as supervisor.