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Average Salary: $57,441

Surveyors use a variety of tools and calculations to make precise maps of rivers, properties, water lines, communities, etc. In fact, surveyors are some of societies most important and practical map makers. Their work can help solve disputes between neighbors over property lines. They also help determine what can be built where according to local zoning laws (regulations). A surveyor’s work includes:

  • determining distance, angles, and elevations using specialized instruments;
  • checking construction plans and legal descriptions;
  • finding underground structures with electronic pipe locators and other instruments;
  • setting and marking stakes and other signals for engineers, electricians, road crew, and other professionals who will be working at the site;
  • making calculations and assembling survey data.

Education: Two-year college degree (or two years related experience) with working knowledge of geometry, and trigonometry
Entry-level opportunities: Yes, with related education; two years related experience required without degree
Certificates, licenses: Professional Land Surveyor’s License preferred
Desirable traits and skills: Comfortable with math, technology and equipment; should love being outdoors

For more information:
American Congress on Surveying and Mapping
6 Montgomery Village Avenue, Suite #403
Gaithersburg, MD 20879