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Laboratory Technician

Average Salary: $24,400 - $56,900

Laboratory technicians are trained in using chemical and biological tests and procedures.

In the water-quality sector, laboratory technicians help the chemist, microbiologist, water quality specialists, and treatment-plant operators. They are responsible for:

  • measuring the level of microorganisms in source water and treated water;
  • measuring other water-quality conditions, such as pH, turbidity, and hardness;
  • checking the level of disinfectants at the treatment plant and throughout the distribution system; and
  • reporting results to chemist and other specialists.

Education: On-the-job training or two- or four-year degree in a laboratory science
Certificates, licenses: No
Entry-level opportunities: Yes
Desirable traits and skills: Interested in science; skilled at using laboratory equipment; organized; able to follow procedures accurately; some outdoor work

Where Jobs are Available

  • Most water utilities
  • Federal/state government agencies
  • Consulting Firms