Work for Water

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Average Salary: $70,638

Hydrology is the study of how water moves through the water cycle on earth. It combines several fields: earth science, geology, geophysics, engineering, and chemistry.  Hydrologists specialize in underground and surface water supplies used by a water agency.

General Job Description

  • Measures, analyzes and models the occurrence and movement of water in the atmosphere (precipitation, evaporation), surface water (rivers and lakes), and groundwater
  • Maps the distribution of water rights and measure the flow of water in the watershed
  • Monitors, measure and/or predict changes in water volume and water flow in surface sources or groundwater levels due to precipitation, evaporation and snow melt
  • Analyzes and determines the magnitude and/or probability of occurrence for floods and droughts
  • Participates in planning, design and management aspects of entire water resource projects
  • Describes mechanics of flow in watersheds and river basins
  • Determines water volume and flow rate resulting from various storm events
  • Analyzes, monitors and predicts water quality and changes in water quality of surface water and groundwater

Necessary Skills

  • Communication skills to work with resource agencies and local communities, state agencies and others
  • Inquisitive and analytical mind
  • Ability to write clear, concise technical reports
  • Computer ability
  • Mapping ability

Educational Requirements

  • B.S. in Hydrology or Civil Engineering
  • Some positions may require a Master of Science in Hydrology/Water Resources
  • Major course work in Hydrology, Fluid Mechanics, Soil Mechanics and Engineering Economics
  • Courses n Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Other courses that are helpful include: Geology, Forestry, Meteorology, Oceanography, Biology, Computer Science and Technical Writing

Where Jobs Are Available

  • All medium, to large utilities
  • Regional area planning authority
  • Consulting firms
  • Ski areas
  • Mining corporations