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Public Information Specialist

Average Salary: $55,256

General Job Description

  • Notifies the public about USEPA, state and local regulations and guidelines in regard to water issues (i.e., lead and unregulated contaminants)
  • Keeps current on USEPA, state and local policies on notifying the public about water quality problems, water conservation requirements and other water-related issues
  • Produces news releases, promotional packages, brochures and newsletters
  • Evaluates effectiveness of the utility's public information programs
  • Interviews personnel for external/internal publications
  • Creates speech outlines and information packages on request for council members and utility management
  • Creates displays and exhibits on utility and its programs
  • Coordinates in-house newsletters and events
  • Schedules and conducts public and employee tours of facility
  • Prepares visual illustrations for presentations
  • Creates and coordinates special events such as contests and open houses
  • Establishes a company presence in the community through effective community relations programs such as retrofit programs, contests and advertising campaigns
  • Works with public advisory committees for various programs throughout the utility

Necessary Skills

  • Skilled in oral and written communication
  • Experienced in journalism and photography
  • Able to write and talk clearly and appropriately to different audiences
  • Able to effectively network with the "movers and shakers" of the community

Educational Requirements

  • Undergraduate degree in Business Administration Public Administration, Communications,
  • Journalism or related field

Where Jobs are Available
Large utilities and special districts

  • Acts as spokesperson for media
  • Coordinates public notification programs
  • Creates and supervises special events
  • Coordinate public advisory committees, State/Federal government agencies
  • Acts as media liaison
  • Creates press releases
  • Notifies user groups and public of revised or new regulations or guidelines