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Government Relations Specialist

Federal and state government agencies regulate many aspects of the water sector.

Government relations specialists maintain two-way communication between water sector agencies and government bodies. On the one hand, they serve as lobbyists for the water sector agency. They inform government officials about the unique needs or concerns of the water sector. On the other hand, they translate the legal material from the government so the water agency understands how regulations affect them. The government affairs specialists may become involved in:

  • laws regarding the quality of drinking water, water treatment, or watershed protection;
  • studies on the health impact of different chemicals in water;
  • requirements about the amount of water that can be used from a certain source;
  • restrictions on the rate that water agencies can charge customers; and
  • permission to build new facilities, pipelines, or reservoirs.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in political science, government relations, public administration
Certificates, licenses: No
Entry-level opportunities: Internships required
Desirable traits and skills: Ability to understand complex issues from several points of view; a friendly and articulate people person; strong research skills

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