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Health and Safety Officer

Average Salary: $74,170

Federal and state regulations have strict rules about how companies must protect the safety of their workers. In the water sector, employees are exposed to many potential dangers. The health and safety officer makes sure the company understands its responsibility in each situation and provides the proper safety actions.

General Job Description

  • Analyzes, critiques and develops alternatives to existing and proposed laws and regulations affecting drinking water quality and utility operations
  • Authors comments and delivers testimony on proposed laws and regulations
  • Coordinate s with other water suppliers, environmental groups, regulatory agencies and consumer groups to develop consensus positions on water quality laws and regulations
  • Develops and advocates utility positions on a range of issues affecting drinking water quality and utility operations

Necessary Skills

  • Ability to understand both scientific and public policy aspects of issues
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to collaborate with people having widely divergent perspectives on critical issues

Educational Requirements

  • BS or BA in Science or Engineering, with broad liberal arts training.
  • Advanced degrees in law or public policy may be able to substitute for a science degree

Where Jobs are Available

  • Large Utilities
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Consulting firms
  • Water supply trade associations
  • Municipal governments