Work for Water

Great Careers for a Great Cause



Average Salary: $122,900

Attorneys are some of the highest paid workers. Although some lawyers work for themselves, many other lawyers work for governments, law firms, and corporations.

Attorneys are essential to the successful operation of a water or wastewater agency. There is a very specialized and complicated set of laws concerning water rights. The laws deal with such issues as who has the right to use water from a given source and how they are allowed to use it. (Many states, for example, require that water be used “beneficially” — for the greater good.) An attorney for a water agency may

  • research legal issues;
  • draft and review opinions and briefs;
  • write and review contracts regarding property rights, water rights, employees and contractors, vendors, etc.;
  • analyze new laws about water rights, taxes, employee rights, etc. to define their impact on the agency;
  • sort out conflicts with customers, vendors, or employees;
  • advise the water agency as to its rights, draw up legal documents, and represent the agency in court when necessary.

Education: Law degree
Certificates, licenses: Membership in the state bar association
Entry-level opportunities: Yes, with a law degree
Desirable traits and skills: Analytical; able to see issues and conflicts from many sides; good readers, writers, and communicators

For more information:
American Bar Association
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