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Administrative Assistant

Average Salary: $40,131

Salaries vary a great deal, depending on differences in skill, experience, and level of responsibility.

Administrative assistants help almost every other job in an industry. They can be found in such departments as finance, accounting, human resources, public affairs, planning, engineering, legal, library, laboratories, treatment plants, and repair shops. Some of their duties include:

  • being on the front line of telephone and written communications;
  • scheduling meetings in facilities and travel for individuals;
  • typing, preparing, copying, and distributing reports and documents;
  • preparing materials for presentations and speeches;
  • organizing and filing office papers;
  • recording notes of meetings and distributing them to make sure all members(including those absent) stay informed about decisions, actions, and policies.

Education: High-school diploma or two-year secretarial degree
Certificates, licenses: No
Entry-level opportunities: Yes
Desirable traits and skills: Attention to detail; good oral and written communication skills; ability to type, use computers, adding machines, copiers, and other office equipment; good team worker
Where Jobs are Available: Utilities, consulting firms, government agencies

For more information:
International Association of Administrative Professionals
PO Box 20404
Kansas City MO 64195-0404