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Graduate Student Opportunities


Are you a graduate student looking for opportunities to do research? The Water Resources Research Institutes may be the place for you. Each of the “1862” land-grant universities hosts a Water Resource Research Institute. There are 54 centers across the United States and Guam. Water Centers are university-based interdisciplinary, problem-oriented research and technology center which receive support from the federal government. This federal support enables Water Research Institutes to address broad national needs and relevant industrial technology. By coordinating research programs which apply to the present and emerging water resources problems, the Water Research Institutes have developed broadly based research, training and public service programs. 

Water Research Institutes provide terrific research and training opportunities for graduate students. Below is a list of the Institutes, a link to the Institute and where possible a link to their hiring areas:   

Alabama University Environmental Institute 

Alaska Water and Environmental Research Center

Alaska WERC Job Opportunities 

Arizona Water Resources Research Center

Arkansas Water Resources Center  


California Center for Water Resources

Colorado Water Resources Research Institute 

Colorado WRRI Job Opportunities 

Connecticut Institute of Water Resources 

Delaware Water Resources Center 

DWRC Job Opportunities 

D.C. Water Resource Research Institute 

Florida Water Resources Research Center 

Georgia Water Resources Institute 

GWRI Job Opportunities 

Guam Water and Environmental Research Institute of the Western Pacific 

Hawaii Water Resources Research Center 


Idaho Water Resources Research Institute 

IWRRI Job Opportunities 

Illinois Water Resources Center 

Indiana Water Resources Research Center 

Iowa Water Center 


Kansas Water Resources Institute 

Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute 

Louisiana Water Resources Research Institute 

Maine Water Resources Research Institute 

Maryland Water Resources Research Center 

Massachusetts Water Resources Research Center 

Michigan Institute of Water Research 

Minnesota Water Resources Center 

Mississippi Water Resources Research Center 

Montana Water Center 

Nebraska Water Resources Center 

Nevada Division of Hydrologic Sciences 

NDHS Job Opportunities 

New Hampshire Water Resources Research Center 

New Jersey Water Resources Research Institute 

New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute 

NMWRRI Job Opportunities 

New York State Water Resources Institute 

North Carolina Water Resources Institute of the University of North Carolina

North Dakota Water Resources Research Institute 

Ohio Water Resources Center – no website 

Oklahoma Water Resources Research Institute 

Oregon Institute for Water and Watersheds 

Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment 

Puerto Rico Water Resources and Environmental Research Institute 

Rhode Island Water Resources Center 


South Carolina Water Resources Research Institute 

South Dakota Water Resources Research Institute 


Tennessee Water Resources Research Center 

Texas Water Resources Institute 


Utah Center for Water Resources Research 


Vermont Water Resources and Lake Studies Center

Virgin Islands Water Resources Research Institute 

Virginia Water Resources Research Center 

VWRRC Job Opportunities 


State of Washington Water Research Center  

West Virginia Water Research Institute 

Wisconsin Water Resources Institute

Wyoming Office of Water Programs